Best 12-Inch Subwoofer For Car With Amp Specifications


Best subwoofer for car with amp reviews – Bass for a system by adding to need or want to reduce the cost of the separate amplifier and subwoofer, the P300-12 is the right person for the job! P300-12 12 inches subwoofer features of shock in a custom box sealed and is powered by a powerful 300 Watt amplifier. The system is all inclusive, so you didn’t do, need to ground and a signal of the source of this baby move executed. Offers a façade of long duration, which resists scratches and bumps so that in the trunk or cargo. Cheap car subwoofer and amp for sale online

An “all in one” is the P300 12 inch subwoofer powered solution, adds the bass to a factory system or you simply want to save. This model is powered by an internal amplifier of 300 watts per a 12 inch subwoofer in a waterproof case.


Fosgate P300 12-Inch Subwoofer For Car Features

  • Built with MDF 5/8 in.
  • 12 AWG input terminals
  • Amplifier class D (300 Watts)
  • Included remote bass level
  • Tight and accurate bass case

Fosgate Subwoofer For Car With Amp Reviews

You are looking for a sub and amp combo and decided on the Rockford Fosgate P300-10. Under the back seat of my 2010 Chevy wanted to fit double cabin. Perfectly suited and much cheaper than the special squares, you always have an amplifier. Was very easy to install and configure. I listen to hard rock and they its great. I would recommend this unit to anyone and enjoy you are missing the lower part of the music.
I had a subwoofer double 8 inches before that, which was 80 watts RMS, but after a few months, he was not really lead the bass I wanted. It was good. Good for the price.

This Rockford P300-10 is amazing! He hits hard and the build quality is really nice. I was really on the model 10 or 12 inches is discussed, but finally went with 10 space reasons. For me the 10 deep hits sounds very good, and you really feel you vibrate your seat. Is overall this product great freaking, I don’t think you can go wrong with 10 or 12 inches. If you have a good sub without having to always use a separate amp/sub combo, just buy it.

Update: after 7 months of use it is dead… I had set up professionally with Geek Squad, so I know that they did nothing wrong.
Update 2: I went to geeksquad, so she out alternately, I could check, it has always been great not exercising the submarine, but my RCA cable, sub!

Update 3: after two years of 10 inches, worked flawlessly, I got it to my friend. I have the 12-inch replacement model. I can’t really say, the difference between the 10 and 12, but theoretically it should be better for low low hits. I have 12 inches-is not enough for a year and it works as well as day 1 may recommend these submarines.

I did the research for weeks before buying. I read all the comments, looked at the specs. I knew I wanted an amplified sub, I had a Super tube pioneer 75W 8 “a few years ago and loved it.” This combo blows away but this one. I’m always elected, but the sound is excellent so far. Hard drums, low punch lines are tight and rap boom, if you want, maybe not as much as separate components or a box of bandwidth, but many. I tried low enough, but not the cause of feeling rattles and he got. He really stands of rock music. I replaced my car radio in my old 4Runner (camp 6hp) with a Sony – including a sup and the 7 Equalizer controls tapes, but I hit the remote control (to strengthen) in any case. I’m glad I did – it’s awesome, tweek for different songs and genres. The sound is great, this subroutine blends well – not overwhelm, but it could, if you wanted – sounds just like a balanced system. I turned the volume on the unit only about 50-60% about the good Sub bass and clean upwards. The quality of the box is outstanding, it is subtle and very durable hard plastic with a metal grid. I’ve actually put down rather than stay (as pictured), mainly because the only installation method came there were strips of Velcro. I have a Kit of 8 tracks and works perfectly.

It comes with cable shoe is removable (power, ground, distance) and an adapter for RCA line and pregnant, I wish it had direct RCA plug the amp rather than the adapter, but no breaker at all. I installed it, and I’m a newbie, took my time and hid the son well and good soil. Recommend – very satisfied and very price at Amazon is amazing compared to other points of sale. I had rather local shop but when can I save 45% – schwer to beat. Best car subwoofer and amp for salebest-subwoofers-on-the-market

I had installed this yesterday, and I’m pretty happy with it. I drove about 3-4 hours today and heard a few podcasts EDM (mainly three tones). My setup is 2014 Subaru Crosstrek limited with navigation and improved door kicker tweeters and kicker speaker upgrade from Subaru. Kickers have big media and high, offers crystal-clear voice and instrument sounds. Problem was, almost no response in the bass. Thats why I had Rockford Fosgate P300-10.

It took about half an hour or so, all the parameters. At first I was a little disappointed, but after this setting, I think I got it pretty close to prefect. I put a few photos of this post to see the Subaru-navigation-EQ settings with that I went.

What I heard:

Artist: three

Genre: EDM

What it sounds like: looks like I see them live. Between tweeter kicker and upgrade the speakers kicker, agree, sounds and instruments clearly and loudly. The Rockford adds a nice kick bass at low doses. Bass is hard and strong, without drowning, whatever it is. I have rejected the low controller to bass minimal button, and again, it vibrates my mirror and makes the outdoor rattle a bit in the middle pane of the settings of the volume on the stereo. Buy car subwoofer and amp combo online

First, let me say I had several audio systems ‘high end’-things that you initially it is not home to the table, that’s what I was after, that… got as I I have just a little low end for my 1996 Dodge RAM 1500, regular cab, so that this field seemed a good idea, well as necessary, I couldn’t be happier, I had the dinky Bazooka tubes and stuff in the past, that those have been, which is a joke… but this thing awesome! For $200, 600 Watt Max, 12 “sub RF RF amp, it has really my truck alive are…” If you like bass and little space to work with would be great, and it’s here… the best combo amp/sub/box, which it consider myself on the market, I’ve tried em all…: p I grunge/alternative/and a couple songs for bass by listen to rick Ross etc… I’m too old for car to deaf anyway, but it has big noise, it is hard, get good Soud on a van, but for $200, is “unbeatable”. I also noticed that it is people here be void or say the amp… Well, it came with a warranty of 2 years… and want to have for people who hit the bass constantly circulates, it is the installation program happen with “all” If you run constantly slammin… I’m happy, I went with the most large expensive systems RF I had were RF model, they make great stuff. Every time it switches subroutine I will drive this review to update, but as I strike bass constantly, which he probably used be anytime soon. Cheap car audio subwoofers amplifiers amazon
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