Best Car Speaker System 2017

BOSS AUDIO Best Car Speaker CH6530 6.5 inch 3-way Speakers

Best Car Speaker System
Best Car Speaker System

Best Car Speaker System For sale – In the specific case of our cones, information materials allowed to be maximum flexible that produces great clanging talkers lasting you a long, long time. A essence called’ Polyurethane’ and is categorized as a Polymer. It is a resilient, flexible and durable fabricated substance that can take the place of paint, rubber, metal, cotton or timber in thousands of applications across nearly all fields. It can be hard like fiberglass, protective like varnish, squishy like upholstery foam, bouncy like rubber or sticky like glue.

  • Full Range 6.5″ 3-way Speaker Pair
  • 100 Hz to 18 kHz Frequency Response and 90 dB Sensitivity
  • 300 Watts  and MAX 150 watt RMS Power Handling
  • Poly Injection  and Rubber Surround
  • Sold in Pairs
  • 1 Tweeter and 1 inch Polyimide Dome Midrange Per Speaker
  • 3 Year Platinum Dealer Warranty

Best Car Speaker Reviews :

Up until about 30 years ago, foam surrounds tended to deteriorate more rapidly, but due to recent advancements, the average life span of standard foam surrounds is about 8 to 16 times. New foam formulas last much longer and are a superior product for orator drivers that need a large jaunt( how much the cone needs to move back and forth ). Foam keeps the cone centered and harvests a high jaunt. Foam is self damping( the ability to control undesirable move of the speaker cone) and reduces its own standing waves. It is also very light and has a minimal impact on the motion of the cone. Foam can be mixed with other essences to create different flex and strength properties.

For a modern border the best auto orator could be the high tech Mylar tweeter, as it generally has more ability for a wider difference of sound the changes and channel handle. Unlike newspaper cones, the Mylar has a higher rate of durability, as the cone is made of a plastic poly substance, which does not rip or tare easily, under abnormal frequency changes.

BOSS BV9362BI 6.2 inch Car  Audio System with Bluetooth

car audio system near me
car audio system near me

The BOSS BV9 362 BI 6.2″ Touchscreen Double-DIN DVD Player Receiver aspects a motorized 6.2 in touchscreen TFT LCD monitor, and is WMA/ DVD/MP4/ MP3/ SVCD/ VCD/ CDR & SDVD compatible. It features built-in Bluetooth, Wireless Remote Control and Full iPod Control. Make the BOSS BV9 362 BI 6.2″ Touchscreen Double-DIN DVD Player Receiver the center of your auto audio system! These BOSS CH6 530 6.5″ 300 W 3-Way CHAOS EXXTREME Car Audio Speakers can manage 300 Watts of MAX power per pair. The Boss CH6 530 speakers feature.

  • Total Output Power: 320 Watts
  • Screen Size: 6.2 inch Widescreen Touchscreen
  • Compatible with Audio Output of iPod and MP3 Players
  • Chassis Mounting for Doubled DIN
  • Monitor Display Format: Digital TFT Display

Car audio system with bluetooth and usb reviews:

I ordered this parcel for my 2007 Magnum. I’ve had it installed for a pair months now. it’s not what I expected. Bluetooth does not sync your contacts with phone so you dont know who is calling, likewise does not tell you the call of hymns or radio station you’re listening to very basic. The touchscreen is more like a double tap screen. Loading the remembrance card take a long time and again doesn’t tell you the names of the carol. Stock speakers voiced better. It was delivered quick.

Pyramid BNPS122 12 inch Car Audio Subwoofer with Box

car audio system with bluetooth
car audio system with bluetooth

The Pyramid BNPS1 22 12″ dual auto audio subwoofers with bandpass enclosue features a MAX power handling of 1200 watts. This car subwoofer includes neon ascent lighting, specially treated dark rubber suspension and bandpass alignment for extra bass. The front window is made out of plexi-glass and the subwoofers have a silver-tongued polypropylene cone and 4 tuned ports. The BOSS R1 100 M 1100 Watt Mono Car Audio Power Amplifier offers a MAX output of 1100 watts and an RMS output of 250 watts! This Class A/ B amplifier features a MOSFET power supply, a line output, low pass crossover,an impedance of 2-ohms and an illuminated Boss logo! The BOSS R1 100 M 1100 Watt Mono Car Audio Amplifier is the perfect amp to power your auto audio system

  • BRAND NEW PYRAMID Dual 12 ” 1200 Watt Bandpass System with Neon Accent Lighting
  • Two 12 inches High Power 4 Ohm SubWoofers
  • Neon Accent Lighting
  • Silver Polypropylene Cone
  • Treated Black Rubber Edge Suspension


Showed up on time everything was there amp runs perfect subwoofer box is clean and subwoofers work perfect and the lighting in the sub carton runs like it should would recommend to family members or friends. Will purchase from dealer again

XXX XBX-1200B 12 Inch Car Subwoofers

car audio system price
car audio system price
  • NEW xXx Complete 12 inch
  • 1200 Watts Car Bass x 1 Channel Max Power
  • 2 Channel Amplifer
  • PWM MOSFET Power Supply
  • Low Pass Crossover

Car audio system reviews :

First of all i would like to say these subs clanged absolutley amazing! Even with typhoon Irene coming through our state, theycame in 3 periods. Packing was great and very stylish! Alot of people are complaining about amp overheating and transgres, if you have enough chamber in your trunk you will not have a problem with that. i put these in my 1999 vw passat V6 without a number of problems.

The wire it comes with isnt that thick so going to see your local walmart and pick up a 1200 wat 680 rps and theses subs will clang amazing compared to the stock wire. Likewise people are mentioning the subs break or punch, dont listen to them! When you get brand-new subs you should only use them with about half power till they kick in once these have passed you can play around with it nonetheless youd like. The subs hit Soooo hard and i couldnt be anymore impreesed with the price and shipping, The only thing that was difficult was the setting up and wire, but if you are familiar with a little about what your doing then you should be fine, setup has taken superstars away from people critiques but im still giving it 5 superstars bc it shouldnt be decided on how they set up.

It voices superb and I candidly couldnt be happier bc of the price “ive paid”, well worth noting bc if you know what your doing, it should take about less then a period to complete like mine, Take this review severely from a skeptic like me but i definetly can tell you this is amazing and deserves all 5 superstars.

These orators are worth the money. I have had these bad sons for quite some time. 2 years and absolutely nothing bad to say about them. no aberrations and on top of that after the two years and the box still doesnt about every couple month make sure to retighten the screws around the cover-ups for the subs just as a maintaince thing. these have been through an accident and still nothing incorrect. ive swapped the amplifier to a 2000 w 4 channel amp for the rest of my orators and even still they clang brand new and highly recommended to buy best car speaker system.

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