Best Small Subwoofer For Car Reviews

Best smallest subwoofer for car 2016 – Killer grabs this low-profile Pyle, 600-watt subwoofer-system bass beat in one thin package. Works great in any room, especially under seat-the small footprint means that the space is not a problem with the PLBASS8. This template accepts low RCA and high level line inputs speaker. Has to increase a remote control on the level of control within the comfort of your vehicle. A low-pass filter prevents distort filter annoying subsonics the signal. Thermal overload protection and extend the life of your product and guarantee the safety of your vehicle. Weighs 10.5 kg. Pyle Super Slim Active Subwoofer

8 Inch Small Subwoofer For Car features :8-inch-small-subwoofer-for

  • 8′ low profile subwoofer system is suitable for installations possible.
  • Low level RCA input
  • Speaker line level
  • Status indicator green LED power indicator
  • Red led protection indicator
  • Bass boost level control remote
  • Phase shift switch: 0 or 180 degrees

8 Inch Active Active Subwoofer for Car Reviews

I bought this boat for my Ford F150 of regular cab pickup. My sound sucked, so I thought I would buy a submarine it would improve for my taste. I installed the submarine and tested. I had to change the settings on the submarine, but after that it has worked well. Have you a decent sound in the cabin, but you don’t hear it on the outside of the vehicle. Nobody still knows that I have a submarine, until they get in my car. And always ask me, is the plant? Never, you suspect a submarine as I have a regular taxi. Another feature, which is good, that there is a built-in amplifier Sub. The 85-Watt amplifier, but it does the job. You will not be noticed at a red light, to impress the car next to you. As I already said, not hit, but gives her a nice stereo sound system. Definitely recommend this to anyone. 8 Inch Super Slim Active Subwoofer

The PLBASS8 is an excellent choice for those with little space limitations; 2 1/2 “big, make sure you have enough space behind/under the seat for. This boat is not to go in the trunk, you need and want, for good bass response. I mounted it on the back of my seat and left the reinforcement about halfway the first time I tried it. I was totally blow has disappeared like incisor. I have 8 on my door and plates are not nearly as much as the. There are times where I refuse because of the bass my neck hurts. Wait not to scare the people on their side, but instead a great low end response, which expect packs a kick. Definitely recommend for small space applications.

Pyle 8 inch Small Subwoofer For Car – The Pyle no longer works. After a month of use, this sub separated and set aside. I tried to call you last night and he refused, something other than playing a 40 hz tone, sustained high regardless of profit or other settings to do. My country and makes work very well with my other u-boats, so I’m sure the internal amplifier of this thing died. Changed from 5 to 3 stars, was as well, while he was working.

I buy 8 inch active subwoofer for car this unit on April 23. On April 27 it’s easy to work. Any noise. Contacted support and she said to send. I know he took it (verified by UPS). But after that, its more than a month, no unit repaired no email response, and they will not answer their phones. I’m beginning to fear that I am out of my $110. I will definitely not to buy from them.

I bought the 10 inches slim active subwoofer for car version of the submarine along with 8″ and was pleasantly surprised over the sound for a short and if it worked. Began to take after a couple months of use the unit shut down. It was with the bass turned down and without distortion. I called the support number in Pyle and was instructed to return it (10) to the repair for you. It is almost 3 months and every time I call they tell me that parts are missing and refuse that do anything to remedy the situation. I knew going in this purchase this probably as far as the quality was, but I expect to get more than a few months of use before I had better find isn’t the best idea alternative. Beware of buying the extended warranty is non-existent. I think I’ll get my weekly call them at least something in Exchange for the defective device.

This subroutine from Amazon a few months ago I asked and paired with an Alpine head unit. Put it under my trucks rear seat and look forward to the low, that my system was missing. When I turn the Sub and let them amazed at people that are heard before and after the effect, low makes such a difference. I’m going to buy this subroutine in any case again when I put my car.

I wonder if is fit the bad reviews of the amp. I must admit that when I installed, I have not the preout Sub set correctly on the head unit Alpine and made the adjustments of the submarine, for minimum amounts of the plant. This led me to believe that the amplifier at the beginning did not work, had all the bad comments are true. The led on the amp red were, so I knew it was always do, but there was zero bass effect. So I played with all the settings in stereo and sub (took about 30 minutes to get it right), I have some amazing fish.

The Sub didn’t work a few months under the back seat, that little or no ventilation at all and had no problems with overheating. Bass sound is deep and is growing in my truck, but I can’t say out of the truck. Actually the bass level down I set remote control, because the bass is too deep.

My f150 perfectly fits in the back seat. offers very nice bass in the truck. This is not for you if you the BOOM, it shocks people in traffic lights. I wanted to watch only good sound inside the cabin and an aerodynamic, and it worked perfectly.

Much like many of the comments that I have read and unfortunately ignored, this unit worked after 45 days. Amazon customer service assures me that they will import even though on the return date. This product was a great disappointment. I’ve never run the machine at full speed, and installed professionally. This is not only a very good product.

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