Best Sony Car Stereo With Bluetooth Price

Sony Car Stereo HD Receiver MEXN6000BH CD


Some general features that are provided in Sony MEXN6000BH CD Car Stereo Receiver is the variable color illumination, detachable face plate, 35,000 available colors to be matched with the vehicle interior design, remote control, and warranty of products from the company. The power output in this vehicle is 55 watts and RMS is 17 watts. There is also playback audio feature in different formats such as CD, CD-R/RW, WMA and MP3. This receiver is also iPod and iPhone-ready with standard USB port. To adjust with the equalizer that you want there are 10 bands of parametric equalizers that you can enjoy.

If you want to enjoy a stylish and versatile subwoofer you can choose Sony MEXN6000BH CD Car Stereo HD Receiver because it provides different appearance and style to be matched with nay vehicle interior. This receiver supports many features that will make your driving experience becomes more fun and awesome. You should buy this receiver if you want to experience different feeling in listening or enjoying entertainment while driving your car.

Description: Sony MEXN6000BH CD Car Stereo HD Receiver is a good and versatile receiver design that can be used to make a vehicle feels more comfortable and different.

Sony CDXGT660UP Digital CD Car Stereo Receiver


This receiver has 1 year warranty from the company in Canada but in US it is limited in warranty. Some of the features that you can find in Sony CDXGT660UP Digital Media CD Car Stereo Receiver are CD receiver, detachable face, built-in amplifier, built-in Pandora, remote control, dynamic color illumination that is customized by the customers. These features are provided by Sony to give the best service and experience in entertainment for their customers.

The equalizer is available in 7 types and it has adjustable pass filter. It is highly recommended to buy this product because it will make a vehicle becomes more fun and enjoyable. You can enjoy different things in this vehicle while driving such as listening to music, reading texts and emails without leaving your hands from the steering wheels. This receiver is good to be used in both small and big vehicle because the performance and size of the receiver is very compact yet powerful in sounds and visual.

Description: Sony CDXGT660UP Digital Media CD Car Stereo Receiver is a best sony car stero model which gives better experience in audio and visual receiver for vehicle.

Sony CDXGT575UP Digital Car Stereo Receiver for Stunning Car Audio


If you need to have a stylish look of receiver choosing Sony CDXGT575UP Digital Car Stereo Receiver is the best choice. You need to buy this receiver to make your vehicle look cool and stylish without too much effort. You can also have a great quality of audio system in your vehicle that can make your driving experience becomes more fun and enjoyable. Get this receiver in nearby store in your country.

Description: Sony  Digital Car Stereo speaker is a good and stylish design of a receiver that will make your vehicle look more versatile and awesome in design.

Sony Car Stereo Receiver MEXN5100BT with Bluetooth Review

Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth
Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth

Sony is definitely known to be one of the best manufacturers producing the best head unit for cars one of which is the Sony Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth. This is a total in-car command for many of its functions and features including voice control as well as NFC and Bluetooth. Furthermore it looks good as well when operating since the lights will sync to the beat of the played music.

Basically there is no need to draw too much attention out of the driving when operating this head unit during a road trip. The so-called Siri Eyes Free for iOS devices can really be helpful within the use of this head unit. Taking calls and streaming music will be very easy to do. Android users can also make use of App Remote in which they can even respond to texts by using voice control.

Those who want to install it on their own will not need to worry about anything. This unit from Sony is easy to install just by following anything as stated right in the operating manual. It means that it is also a decent choice for those who want to know a bit more about things related to head unit installation.

More into the unit itself it is powered by 4 x 55 W Dynamic Reality Amp in order to bring the audio quality into the higher level. Surely better audio kick can be experienced within every track played. It comes with a high-quality external microphone in order to deliver crystal clear audio commands as well as for calls made through this unit.

It is also a decent unit that will help everyone to stay in touch since it is capable of reading emails aloud and then compose the reply to those emails by taking voice commands immediately. Thus it will not be a problem anymore to deal with urgent emails while driving. Sony touch screen car stereo with GPS voice control is also available in which the Satellite Navigation can be activated to lead to certain spots just by saying the words.

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Aside of many great features offered by Sony within this great head unit, the things related to its audio quality are definitely among the reasons to really get this head unit. It has the so-called Advanced Sound Engine to provide clear and powerful acoustics while the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine will maximize the audio experience despite of the fact that it is just inside a car cabin not a studio or a theater.

Description: The sony xplod car speakers with Bluetooth is a decent choice of head unit offered by Sony that comes with many great features for everyone.

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