Car Audio Subwoofer Box Design

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Subwoofer speaker system is part of an audio system for home or car that reproduces bass frequencies. Small speakers that are usually part of a small system usually frequencies as low as 40 Hz are played, especially when the decibels rose above 100. A subwoofer plays bass cone of about 20 Hz to 200 Hz, the point which sound vibrations as tones.

The first known incident on tape using a subwoofer on the album “pretzel” Steely Dan released after 1970 when the speakers are created. The sound is actually produced by the driver, which can vary from 8 “to as large as 34”. Usually the driver is in theaters, concerts, radio and record live within the range of 15-18 inches. Part of the excitement of the concert is intense vibrations radiating from a large subwoofer.

A car stereo systems derived from plants usually do not include car audio subwoofer, fans of the hottest systems find they need to add a subwoofer aftermarket car audio stereo.

Car Audio Installation Car Subwoofer

It is common for a subwoofer that will be installed in the trunk of the car as the better the sound quality is obtained by separating the balance of car stereo subwoofer system. The process for installing a car stereo subwoofer is quite complicated, so it is recommended that you purchase a prefabricated box subwoofer. The first step is to remove the material of the carpet or the boot floor and clean the area. Apply materials such as Dynamat soundproofing or Accumat to stick coated metal and cleaned from the floor of the trunk. After the sound damping materials in place, the roller help unite the two surfaces together, then replace the carpet. Now is the time to place the subwoofer box itself. Following the instructions for the cable car amplifier, subwoofer to the two rear speakers behind the audio.

Car Audio Subwoofer Box Design
Car Audio Subwoofer Box Design

It is a good idea to play with the position of the subwoofer box before making permanent installation to determine the best sound result occurs. Subwoofer box can cope with the front or rear of the car with a result that sounds different. Once you have made the decision as to where would the subwoofer box, drilling and mounting brackets in the right place to firmly secure the subwoofer box instead.


Several car audio subwoofer seems to be in a contest to produce sound pressure levels that are dangerous to one’s hearing, especially within the limits of the car. These cars with sound pressure level at redline permanent hearing loss, are not able to produce good sound quality, but the quality is less important than the sound pressure.

To increase the effect of the vibration of a stereo, a new device called a box subwoofer sends vibrations when mounted on the furniture. This box subwoofer gives the feeling of a big subwoofer without loss of hearing officers.

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