5 Channel Car Speaker Digital Amplifier

5 channel car speaker digital amplifier reviews – The Alpine PDX-V9 is a very small footprint, which is very versatile. I use that makes my car including my subwoofer in the trunk. Has enough power and is very clean. There’s no sizzle plagued the previous generation of PDX best 5 channel car amp. As an efficient class-D amplifier offers much less pressure on the charging system like most other amplifiers. Also, since this amp all-in is, can only one single network cable instead of connecting the fragments … etc., the cost of the extra money. best 5 channel car amplifier

Best car audio amp for the money
Best car audio amp for the money

I priced amp acute and a bass amp. It was more than a few hundred, in addition, space for two amplifiers needed was absurd. Release me really like the quick connector. Makes for an easy removal. I am also the fact that the connections on a page, rather than the opposite ends the total length. I never understood why the producers did it? Another advantage is that the customizations are on the opposite side of the connections and located on th page, not top. Find the adjuster on the side is very useful for seat brackets, as I have. best 5 channel car amplifier for the money

Alpine PDX-5 density digital amplifier V9 of channels

CEA-2006 power rating: 100W RMS X 4 + 500W x 1 RMS

Stackable installation project with front panel controls

Quick connect speaker

best 5 channel car amplifier for the money


Small footprint makes it able to are installed anywhere

All in Run 4 speakers and a subwoofer with ease

Certified power card was higher than the nominal power (both spec’d makes underestimated fyi)

Sleek and sharp

Very quiet noise. Anyone/pop!

Best car amplifer for the money
Best car amplifer for the money


Mounting options. I suppose with all the amps, you are limited, but since I installed this under my seat was a little more difficult. Eventually, recline a block to keep the amplifier. Excited not huge, but I had something list that I didn’t like.

I have this in my WRX 2016 mounted under the passenger seat. I have an AVIC 8000NEX HU, focal components on doors and a multitude of old school Kappa perfect 10 “in the trunk in a custom fiberglass enclosure. I have 80 butyl 1000, CCF and MLV on the floor pans and trunk. I have 80000 butyl and CCF in all other parts of the car including the roof line. Master has all 3 layers. I use setbacks 4ga CK4 wiring, Stinger RCA Pro kit and the leitmotif of 9 Stinger. Without sound processor or another add on device. Easy to set up with high-quality components.

Alpina did an excellent job with this amplifier. I am very happy with its performance. I have connect the satellite speakers Hertz Hi-energy and a JL audio subwoofer 10 inch of 500W (2 ohm). Looks awesome! I love the connections; the work of connection was a breeze.

First off I’d like to say I’m versed in the world of mobile audio. I have some kind of mild to wild system in almost all cars had, I heard and try to use only high-quality products. My last truck had two Rockford Fosgate 15 1200 rms pressure for each sub in a custom box, so I have now facilities at both ends of the spectrum for the small form factor and great.

You know when you get this box amplifier, expect something special. The amplifier itself is a work of art, and frankly, it’s a shame that your small form factor means that is hidden in most vehicles. Alpine logo, the removable plate, so that the settings of the amplifier is simply beautiful to look at and has a good weight that you know that this multichannel amplifier not dull of the days of yore. This amp is so well put together and seamlessly on the manual, I had to figure out how to get the decorative ring out to reference the holes for the fixing screws.

The file, move the speakers/does and then turn on the amplifier are geniuses. For someone like me, it’s absolutely perfect for my application. I have part-mounted under the steering column in a trail of Jeep Wrangler from the elements and prying eyes. On the outside of the vehicle, you can’t tell where is the amplifier.

The manual also has a very good job explaining everything, including the most common wiring configuration for new users, which can be confusing.

The only reason why I gave it 4.5/5 is because the plugs that come the amplifier feel somewhat conveniently. The fastening screws on the speaker connectors are extremely small, and the plug feels cheap. I was afraid a break, there are no extras, so I’m not as much as I wanted to. This led to some wires to remove connectors during installation. I went back and she tightened harder and everything was fine.

Sound quality

Wow. This amp blows away many other amplifier, I have heard that is surprising for its class and size. At first I was not too impressed, but once I have chosen all the settings on my main device was impressed. My current speakers are Polk DB, the entry speakers and even with this tone is just stellar. I intend to get to take care of everything, which can shoot that amplifier with a series of Alpine. on top of my tweeter is crystalline, midfielders are just right, and the bass is deep and full.

Some other users reported a pop or click when turn on the amp, but I have none of them. The amp were transferred with good quality makes KNU Konceptz and RCA cables and looks great. I have a good solid ground and have also no alternator howling, hissing or any kind of feedback.

Power may 5

Large energy puts these tiny little amplifier for their size, and I mean big. This amplifier is out directly of your estimated with enough voltage. Birth of my sheet said 571 rms RMS and 135, respectively. I could bubble my speakers and subs with a push of a button. Alpine offers in their nominal power in any case declared. This is unusual range of mobile audio amplifier, especially in the lower end.

My current speakers and best 5 channel car amplifier for the money with a vengeance not grown, which this amplifier provides. As I said above, I intend, Alpine received a number of speakers. My sub is currently 1 10 “JBL GTO able about 400rms. Hotel voice coil within ten minutes of playing with the system after installation. I’m planning an Alpine 10 “capable of much more power.”

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