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.Boss Audio 612UA Single-DIN Car Stereo Receiver Review

Single-DIN Car Stereo Receiver Review
Single-DIN Car Stereo Receiver Review

Best car stereo receiver – Another popular brand within the audio industry especially car audio is Boss Audio. Surely it offers many products related to car audio system one of which is the Boss Audio 612UA MECH-LESS Receiver. Well, the fact that it is manufactured by Boss Car Audio makes it an option to consider for those who need to have a decent quality audio system inside their car cabin.

This car stereo receiver  for car  offers many features that make it a great head unit for any car. Those features include 50 Watts x 4 Max Power Balance/ Treble /Bass/ Fader and Preset built-in EQ, Smartphone and also MP3 Players Audio output compatibility, USB and SD input compatibility, Pre Amp Outputs, plus a 3 yr Platinum Dealer Warranty.

This one of many head units from Boss Audio will definitely rock the cabin of any car where it is installed. Tuning into favorite AM/FM radio stations as well as connecting and synching either MP3 Player or Smartphone or even SD/USB into the unit for a personalized playlist will not be a problem. The previously mentioned built-in EQ will really be helpful in finding the perfect style of audio to listen to. A better music will definitely be there inside the cabin with the help of this head unit.

Certainly as it has become a feature that should be there within any head unit product today is its ability be connected easily with car stereos with bluetooth hands-free calling system. It can be used to help anyone making calls while driving without having to worry about any safety concern of whatsoever. Yet despite of the fact that the Bluetooth pairing is easy, the quality may not be that good. There is a lot of noise heard by other parties on the other side.

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Moreover there is one thing to check and pay attention first before getting this head unit since the compatibility listings have several incorrect inputs. Be sure to check within anyone selling the head unit itself in order to make sure that it will fit perfectly for the car or else it will be a problem.

Well, aside of anything else, this particular head unit product of Boss Audio is a decent choice for anyone who need a high quality head unit made by a highly popular brand name within the audio instrument industry. Boss Audio 612UA Single-DIN Receiver is definitely worth to buy especially with its ability to deliver high quality audio within the interior cabin of any car.

Description: Boss Audio 612UA Single-DIN Car Receiver is a decent product manufactured by Boss Audio as one of the most popular brands within the car audio system industry.

Pioneer AVH-280BT In-Dash DVD Receiver Review

Bluetooth car stereo touch screen
Bluetooth car stereo touch screen

Within many options of car audio head unit there are some options that offer considerably large screen as the main interface. One of those head units with large screen is the Pioneer AVH-280BT In-Dash DVD Receiver in which it comes with a dazzling 6.2” screen in full touchscreen feature. That large screen is definitely a start to amaze many users of this head unit from the famous Pioneer. What else that it has?

Bluetooth car stereo touch screen – In a quite brief way to explain, this head unit of Pioneer is a fully featured head unit with Bluetooth hands-free calling feature as well as audio streaming followed by a rather classic DVD/CD playback. The fact that DVD/CD playback is supported by this head unit makes it a choice for wider segment since older people may prefer the use of DVD/CD while younger people may prefer the use of USB connection for more tracks to be able to be played. Nevertheless, it is a decent unit up to this point.

Unfortunately there are several additional units that can be used to work with this head unit to get the maximum functionality of it that need to be purchased separately. There is the CD-IU51 interface cable for 30-pin devices that can be used to set a direct connectivity with iPod and iPhone. There is also the CD-IU52 interface cable which is needed to connect to lighting devices. Any other 30-pin devices that support both audio and video playback will need the CD-IU201V.

Aside of the fact that it needs several different additional things in order to get the best out of its functionality, this head unit is a decent one since all of the information related to the played tracks will be displayed in its large touchscreen. The USB direct connection can also be used to charge iPod and iPhone while they are connected to play the audio files in them.

Overall, this particular model of head unit from Pioneer is a decent choice for about 90% of people who need to upgrade their car audio system. Surely it is a great choice to modernize the look of the car dashboard since it has a large touchscreen display. It may not offer features offered in high end models like CarPlay, HD Radio, AppRadio, etc but the main functionalities of this head unit are enough to play its role as a car head unit to supply the interior cabin with high quality audio.

Description: Pioneer AVH-280BT In-Dash DVD Receiver is a head unit made by Pioneer that offers a large touchscreen display in 6.2” size as one main feature to highlight.

XO Vision XD103 Car Stereo Receiver Review

Best Car Stereo Receiver
Best Car Stereo Receiver

One considerably great choice of a head unit to replace almost any standard or factory issue head unit. It is also a nice choice for those who are actually trying to replace their car audio head unit for the first time. It comes with a bunch of feature that will definitely enhance the audio experience inside the interior cabin of any car equipped with it.

Having its size of 4.8 x 7.4 x 2.2 inches with 15.8 ounces of its weight, the XO Vision Best Car Stereo Receiver is actually capable of delivering immense clarity and precision within the car audio system of any car. It comes with a set of decent modern feature of SD Card Slot and USB Port to make sure that there are limitless tracks to be played by it along the way when driving the car itself.

One great thing about this head unit is the maximum power of 80 Watts. That power will be just enough to boost the car audio system in any car equipped by it. Amazing performance as well as high-quality sound with incredible precision will not be a problem at all for this unit. Moreover it is also equipped with half size Din depth to deliver a better result of audio playback and efficient usage of power from the car main source of power.

The output of this head unit consists of 4 channels with a company of electronic audio control as well as pre-amplified line out. That combination of things makes this unit to be the preferred choice of many users worldwide today. Since the maximum power output is 80 Watts, each channel is capable of boosting up to 20Watts.

The input options that are supported by this head unit include MP3, USB Port, SD Card, as well as FM Radio. All of those options of input will be processed by this head unit to be altered into the best output of audio in no time. Regarding the FM Radio, it comes with 18 presets of FM Radio stations.

Now, the XO Vision 103 Car Stereo Receiver is really a decent option to consider for those who want to get a better quality audio inside their car compared to the original set of head unit in their standard quality and performance. Surely it comes with everything that is needed by anyone to enjoy high quality car audio.

Description: XO Vision Car Stereo Receiver is a preferred choice of head unit worldwide since it comes with many great features as well as a decent quality of output.

Kenwood DPX502BT Double-Din Car Stereo Receiver Review

Double din stereo with navigation
Double din stereo with navigation

Double din stereo with navigation – One more of the most popular and also one of the best brands within the car audio provider industry is Kenwood. It offers an option for anyone to upgrade a double din stereo head unit that is known as the Kenwood DPX502BT. One thing to pay attention first before getting this unit is actually the offered price in which it may not be the best price available for those who have tight budget.

This particular head unit from Kenwood is capable of playing any audio input out of CD, MP3 players, etc. It can also detect any input given through applications like iHeart Radio and Pandora in which it is also ready to work with Sirius XM. Furthermore this head unit has its preset of 24 FM/AM radio stations for those who enjoy listening to the radio.

The output of this Kenwood DPX502BT Double-Din CD Receiver consists of 4 channels in which each channel is capable of boosting the audio in its highest quality within the power of 50 Watts. Thus in total the entire head unit is capable of boosting up to 200 Watts. One more thing that is pretty decent from this head unit is the fact that it is capable of doing the so-called sound reconstruction in which it will restore compressed music into its original quality when played. Well, as a bonus, it comes with a remote control as well for real.

The highest benefit in using this head unit is it can be used in cars full of passengers as long as. there is at least a Bluetooth enabled device or it can simply be docked into the available USB dock. Hands-free calls can actually be made through this head unit. Since that is a feature that should be there within any head unit product today. It also comes with phonebook support to make it easier when making calls.

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At the end, this head car stereo of Kenwood is a decent choice for those. Who need to make calls very often while driving. It is also perfect for those who always have a long commute in daily basis which will be really. Helpful to enjoy the long driving time. Yet it is not a decent choice for those who have a limited budget since its price is considerably high.

Description: Kenwood DPX502BT car stereo receiver is one of the many head units offered. Kenwood as one of the best known and most popular car audio providers.

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